I am really happy with my choice.
For a student while, I lived in the geschenk 5x12 work week mode, which is physically difficult.So my advice geschenk for the freshmen: make your motivation personal and clear, be prepared to justify it during the interview gesundheitsbewusste and never give up on your goals.In this way, you feel involved with the city, and you can try many different traditions and foods.Valentin Hippolyte master Bereyziat, 1st year master Master student (France).I am happy to be part student of master the TUB program this year, and therefore benefit from student a double Diploma at the end of my scholarship, and also pushing further my international experience.With a lot of lectures and seminars from visiting professors and experts from around the world, this programme provides an international perspective and best practices in the field of technology management and innovation).Master of Arts (M.A.) * student Subjects marked with a star are no longer available for selection senioren by machen students beginning their studies.European Credit Transfer System (ects).About myself: master "Appreciate honesty, goodwill, lucidity of mind".Research interests: chemistry gehäkelt of tetrazole-based chelating ligands and their complexes with some 3d-metals. I also started to geschenke work in my bachelor.
Here you can read what our geburt students say about the programme, their achievements and living experience in Moscow.
Ekaterina Kejun, graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of BSU in 2015.
Having said this, I also believe to develop my skills and competences and support my ambition to improve communications between science, technology, economy to potentially anticipate future issues of the modern world.Artjem papa Kopyrin, graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of BSU in 2015.Please select your desired masters degree program for which you would like to apply.Now I am working in issek as an intern assisting machen develop the big data system of Chinese language.I was fascinated geschenke by professors who are experts in their field after I started the program.All classes or discussions with my group mates inspire me a lot mütter and always open my mind to find geschenke papa some novel ideas or insights.However, I also wanted to develop myself theoretically to be a talented academician in the international area because I aim to combine the information which I learned in practice with academic knowledge.As a young geburt African, it has been my aspiration to continue my study in the area of science, technology and innovation which is becoming highly demanding in the 21st century economy. .Due to the fact that weihnachten the programme attracts a wide geschenke variety of students from different disciplines and countries, during my studies I had a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and collaborate with other fellow students with diverse backgrounds.Here is a list of all German Master Programs.